Code with Geektrust - Campus Job Heist

What is Code with Geektrust: Campus Job Heist? 
It is an opportunity for amazing jobs with 40+ tech companies to find final year engineering students who love to write code and are looking for a great career in tech. 

What is the eligibility for participating in this event?
All B.E./B.Tech students from the 2023 batch from any engineering college in India are welcome to participate regardless of their stream of engineering. 

Is there a fee involved in participating?
No fees will be collected from students and their colleges. 

When will I get the coding challenge? When do I need to submit it?
We will send out the coding challenge on October 2nd at 11:30 AM to your email ID registered for the event. You will have to submit the challenge before 5 PM on the same day, i.e 2nd October. Your score will be shared on your Geektrust profile.  

How many coding tests will be conducted?
There will be three coding tests. First will be a pre-placement test conducted on 10th September and 17th September, followed by an evaluation report and score which will be shared on your registered Geektrust profile.
The second test - the final one - will be conducted on 2nd October.  

How can students access the coding problems and the respective evaluation reports?
The problem statement for the coding challenge will be shared via email on 2nd October 2022 (placement test date). Once they submit their code, an evaluation report will be shared with them by 2nd October 2022 via the Geektrust platform.  

What languages can the coding problem be solved? 
Participating students will need to solve the coding challenge in Java and Python only. 

Can I attempt the coding challenge multiple times? 
The pre-placement test can be attempted multiple times and we recommend that students do so. The final placement test needs to be attempted only once and if multiple submissions are received, the best score before the submission deadline will be considered. 

Will placement officers get a report of their student’s performance? 
Every placement officer will get their respective students’ performance reports a day or two from the date the students get their report

When will interviews be held?
Students who clear the final placement test held on 2nd October will be referred to companies, and interviews will be conducted from 15th October onwards. 

What is the salary offered during this event? 
The average salary offered by partner companies is 7+ LPA. 

What will be the work location for freshers that will be hired?
The event has companies hiring from all across India, and so are the work locations.


How is this Geektrust challenge scored?

Your solution to the Geektrust challenge will be scored based on the following rules.

- Readability will contribute to 60% of your score
- Correctness will contribute to 30% of your score
- OOPs will contribute to 10% of your score

Each badge consists of a set of sub-badges. For example, readability is determined by Readability ML, Magic Numbers, Expressive Code and Compact Methods. You earn the readability master badge when you earn all 4 sub-badges. But even if you earn 1 sub-badge, it contributes towards your Geektrust score. 

Focus on getting the logic right first, and then improve the rest of your code. 

How do I earn all these badges? I need examples. 

Detailed documentation about what these badges mean, and how to earn them can be found here

The project setup seems complicated. How do I get started solving it?

In order to help you with the set up, we have 2 starter kits available - one in Java and one in Python. Please download the starter kits from here. 

Java starter kit

Python stater kit

Note: When you upload the code, select the build tool as None. 

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