FAQs - CWG UK Edition

What is this opportunity and how does it work? 
Geektrust is hosting an exclusive drive to hire for 30+ open positions at Zensar Digital Engineering Studios and Villa Plus UK Office. You need to register, and solve the coding challenge in Java if you are a match for Zensar opportunity and in C# if you match with the Villa Plus JD.. Once you clear the challenge, the Geektrust team will be coordinating between you and the companies to make the further interview process fast and smooth. Please note that this opportunity is a permanent one and the location is in the UK.

Who can participate in the event?
You can see the JDs for the current openings of Villa Plus and Zensar Digital Engineering Studios. If your profile is a match with the JDs, your profile will be considered by Zensar digital engineering studios and Villa Plus once you clear the coding challenge. You can register and apply to the company as well to see if your profile matches.

If you've solved a Geektrust challenge, should you still solve this challenge?
No. If you have already solved a coding challenge in Java or C# before and have a good score, you don’t need to solve another challenge again. But if you have a code score less than 50 for Zensar and below 80 for Villa Plus, try solving another challenge or better your score with the existing challenge you have attempted. The higher your score the better are your chances to get shortlisted and selected for this opportunity. Earning badges in OOPS, readability and correctness are also required.

Is there a minimum score to qualify for interviews?
Yes. Your score should be >50 and earn badges in OOPS, readability and correctness to get shortlisted for interviews at Zensar and >80 and earn all badges to be shortlisted for interviews at Villa Plus. 

How and where can I find the challenge?
It will be emailed to registered participants whose profiles are a match for the current opening at Zensar and Villa Plus. You can also find the challenge on the events page. 

What if my profile is not a match for Zensar?
You can solve any challenge on Geektrust to get interviews at other companies. There are 100+ interesting companies hiring via Geektrust. Your code guarantees you interviews with companies who are a match for your profile.

When is the deadline?
You need to solve the challenge and upload your code within 7 days of registration.

What will be the evaluation parameters?
Your code will be evaluated for parameters of clean code including OOP, Readability, Build and Unit Tests. Read more about it here.

What role is Zensar Villa Plus hiring for?
Zensar: Senior Developer UK
Villa Plus: Full Stack – Senior Software Developer in the UK

What happens after code submission?

Once you submit the code, you will immediately get an evaluation and score unless your code is flagged for manual evaluation. The process is below.

  • In case of manual evaluation, your code will be evaluated within 2-3 days.
  • You will get an email with your evaluation score.
  • To qualify for the interview, you need to get a score of at least 50.
  • Once your code is cleared, our support team will be in touch with you to schedule interviews.
  • In the event that your profile is not a match for openings at Zensar digital engineering studios and Villa Plus, we will send you other companies that match your profile.
  • You can directly proceed to interviews with these companies.

Is this for freshers?

The current opening at Zensar is for developers with 8+ years of experience and at Villa Plus is for 7-12 years of experience. 
However, we have other openings and events for freshers. You can sign up, update your profile and solve any one of our coding challenges. Check the Events link on the website header menu.

Why should I take up this Geektrust challenge?
Zensar Digital Engineering Studios and Villa Plus are investing in building and growing their UK team. 
On other modes of applications, your resume might get lost within the thousands of applications that Zensar Digital Engineering Studios and Villa Plus get from various avenues. Also, code is the differentiator that guarantees you an interview spot.
Will I have to take up a Zensar or Villa Plus coding challenge if I clear this one?

No, you will not be given another code test or challenge by Zensar Digital Engineering Studios or Villa Plus.

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