What is a good score and how to get a good score?

You can get a good score at Geektrust by writing good code. :)

When you solve a Geektrust coding challenge, you should look beyond just getting the output correct. We look for things that matter in the real world. The ability to write good code. You can read more about it here -> https://help.geektrust.in/category/10-how-we-evaluate-your-code

What is a good score?

Any score above 3 is considered a good score. Your score increases as you earn more badges. So in effect, try to earn more badges to increase your score. Each badge can be earned by proving your skills for that badge. For example, if you write good unit tests, you can earn the tests badge.

You can see the badges to earn here -> https://help.geektrust.in/article/28-badges-to-earn

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