FAQ on Backend - Tame of Thrones Challenge

This article helps you understand the Tame of thrones challenge better. Below are questions asked by developers such as yourself.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SPACE in the Sample Output?

SPACE is the Kingdom of King Shan, and he sends messages to other Kingdoms. 

2. What is the output when there are no allies?

You should print NONE.

3. Can there be a space in the secret message?

Yes, there can be, and you need to handle it. For e.g. an input can be


where WATER is the Kingdom name and SUMMER IS COMING is the secret message.

4. What is the emblem for SPACE kingdom ?


5. Should the encrypted secret message for a Kingdom contain all its emblems letters? 

Yes, it should contain all its letters as many times. For example, secret message to the Land kingdom (emblem: Panda) need to have the letter 'p','n','d' at-least once and 'a' at- least twice in the encrypted format.

6. Should I assume that input will all be in upper case, because that's what the sample inputs are?


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