What does a Geektrust membership mean?

How do I get a Geektrust Membership?

We offer Geektrust Memberships to candidates who we know write clean code. It is as simple as that. 

When you solve a Geektrust coding challenge, you get a score which ranges from 0-100. If your score is good, you’re awarded a membership. 

Score Membership
0-29 No Membership
30-59 Bronze Membership
60-79 Silver Membership
80-100 Gold Membership

Where can I see my membership?

Your membership details are always displayed when you log in to Geektrust. 

What happens once I get a Geektrust membership?

You get a call from the President, the chief of army staff, and Arnab Goswami.

Apologies if none of the above happen. But what will happen is that you get more companies wanting to interview you. Gold members get the most companies approaching them followed by silver and bronze members. In addition, you don't have to solve a coding challenge at most companies. You directly move to the interview stage.

I’ve solved multiple Geektrust challenges. How is my membership calculated?

Your Geektrust Membership is based on the best score you’ve received across all your Geektrust challenges. So, if you’ve scored 60 on one challenge and 80 on the other - you will receive a Gold Membership from Geektrust.

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