Checklist for submitting code

[Updated on 28th Nov 2023]

  1. Please compress the file before upload. We accept .zip, .rar, .gz and .gzip
  2. Please upload only source files and do not include any libraries or executables or node_modules folder.
  3. Usage of non-essential 3rd party libraries will affect your evaluation.
  4. Would be good to add a readme with how to get your code working, and how to test your code.
  5. Make sure your code passes all tests when you submit code. If you're facing issues with the build file, please check our Github gist on the same.
  6. React submissions are now automatically evaluated by Codu. Make sure you read and follow the instructions to pass automated correctness checks before submitting your code.
  7. Your solution will be downloaded & seen by companies you’re interested in. Hence we advise you to provide a solution that will work on any system without any code changes/manual setup.
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