Why should I solve a Geektrust coding challenge?

Your code reveals more about you than your resume. In today's day and age, most companies don't look at where you studied or where you are working now. Do you have the skills is the question. At Geektrust, we allow you to showcase your skill.

Advantages of solving a Geektrust coding challenge

  1. Your code is your resume. Solving a Geektrust coding challenge allows you to showcase your skill. Your code matters more  than your resume.
  2. One code to rule them all. Your Geektrust challenge is accepted by most companies hiring through us. You don't have to solve 5 challenges for 5 companies.
  3.  This is not a competition. In the real world, you collaborate and write code. You are only competing with yourself.
  4. The companies that hire through us look for things that matter in the real world. Not some complex algorithm or sorting which you don't do in the real world.
  5. Companies pitch to you; you don't chase companies. Once you have solved a Geektrust coding challenge, companies move fast on your profile.
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