Sponsor 100 women developers

1. What is this all about?

There is a huge gender gap in tech. Most organisations have the intent and the interest to hire more women. It is still hard. So, this year, along with our Women's Day event, we are putting forth a special program for companies to do a little bit more and go the extra mile. 

With the 100 women developers program, Geektrust provides an opportunity for you to contribute. You can sponsor the fee for women developers to go through a developer training, allowing them to find high-impact tech jobs at the end of their training. As part of your sponsorship, you can also hire these high-quality developers at no additional fee.

2. Tell me more about the women devs I will be able to hire.

Typically, you will be able to hire developers in the 0 to 1 year experience bracket. Most of these developers will have offers from their campuses but they are driven and are looking for better, high-impact jobs. We will be opening the training to women coming back from a break as well. When you apply for participation, we will send you a couple of sample profiles of candidates. 

3. What's the timeline of the program?

  • February 19th - Sponsorship closes.
  • February 25th - Campaign to select women devs for the program begins. All candidates that apply will go through a series of coding tests before they get selected.
  • March 1st - Training begins. The training is run by a Geektrust platinum bootcamp partner.
  • May 1st - Training ends.
  • May 7th - Geektrust coding assessments for candidates begin.
  • May 10th - Placement and interviews begin. Only those that clear Geektrust assessment are eligible to participate for placements.

4. What do the developers get trained on?

  1. Problem Solving and Foundational Data Structures
    1. Understanding about time/space complexity - Arrays - Strings - Linked List - Hash, Stack, Queue - Basic Tree - Application of Data structures and use cases.
  2. OOPs & Database and Low level design
    1. - OOPs foundations - DB foundations - Object modelling - SOLID Principles - Object Oriented Design - Clean Architecture

5. What is the cost of sponsorship?

It costs Rs. 59,000 to sponsor 1 woman dev. 

6. What can I expect by being a sponsor?

You get access to a batch of 100 highly skilled, vetted women developers.

Apart from being able to hire these developers, your company gets featured on all our Women's Day event collaterals.

And three companies that sponsor the maximum number of women will get to speak as a delegate at our Women's Day event. 

7. What are the next steps?

Please fill in this form expressing your interest and we'll get back to you with more information and details.

8. Why is this better than hiring directly from colleges?

Very often, college grads are not prepared for the real world of software development. Now, when you want to hire women developers, finding the right candidate becomes even harder. Here, we would have already filtered, assessed and trained the developers to give you high quality, vetted women developers.

9. Why is this only for women?

Men as well as women developers could use this training to find high impact jobs. Women do not need any additional training. What they do need are more focused opportunities to make up for decades of lost opportunities. This is one such focused opportunity.

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