Understanding your Geektrust score

What is the Geektrust score?

We’ve now made it simple and transparent for you and the companies on Geektrust to understand the Geektrust score. The new Geektrust score will measure how good your code is based on the badges you earn for solving a coding challenge. 

Your score will be in the range of 0-100. 

How do my badges contribute to my score? 

Each coding problem has a set of badges. Each badge is scored between 0-100. 

Not all badges are weighed equal. We, and the clients that work with us, value certain badges over others - like readability over correctness - and hence some badges contribute to a larger portion of your overall Geektrust score. Each challenge has advanced badges (which contribute to 60% of the score), intermediate badges (30% of the score) and basic badges (10% of the score). 

Whenever you access a coding challenge on Geektrust, the Score and Badges section will show you a breakup of the badges. 

For eg, 

An Example

Let's say you earned the following scores on each of the badges:

Readability - 100/100

Object modelling - 0/100

Correctness - 100/100

Unit tests - 100/100

Build - 0/100

Then, your Geektrust score would be = (60*(100+0)/2  + 30*(100+100)/2  + 10*0/100)/100 = 60

I used to have a score between 0 and 5, what happened to my score?

With the latest update of Geektrust, we believe it's only fair that we recalculate your score so that you get the same advantages of transparency and simplicity that our newer users get. 

Based on the badges you’ve earned and the weightage given to those badges, we’ve assigned you a new Geektrust score. 

You can view your Geektrust score here:

To understand how your code submissions contributed to your score, you can visit your code portfolio

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