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FAQ - Code with Geektrust - Target Diversity Edition

What is this event about and how does it work?

Geektrust is hosting an exclusive event to hire for 50+ open positions at Target India. You need to register and solve the coding challenge featured here. Once you clear the challenge, the Geektrust team will coordinate between you and Target to make the further process and interviews fast and smooth.

Who can participate in the event? What is the eligibility criteria?

You can see the JD for current openings here. Besides the automated-matching, there will be an additional round of manual screening of your code and resume before you proceed to interviews. You need to update your profile and upload your latest resume before Sunday, 25th August to qualify. 

Which coding challenge do I need to solve for this event?

DoReMi Subscription

If you've solved a Geektrust challenge, should you still solve this challenge?

No. If you have already solved a backend coding challenge in Java and you have a membership, you don’t need to solve this challenge.

Is there a score cutoff or minimum score/badges I need to qualify for interviews?

Yes. You need to clear the coding challenge and get a Geektrust Membership (score of 30+) to meet one of the qualification criteria. But hey, you can improvise ;)

How and where can I find the challenge?

The coding challenge is featured on the event page here. We will email the coding challenge with instructions to all registered participants.

What if my profile is not a match for Target?

Don’t worry! Target is one of the 100+ companies at Geektrust. Solve a coding challenge to find the opportunity that matches your skill set. See other companies on Geektrust here:

When is the code submission deadline?

You need to solve the challenge within 7 days after you have registered for the event.

What will be the evaluation parameters?

Your code will be evaluated for parameters of clean code including OOPs, Readability, Build and Unit Tests. Read more about it here.

What happens after code submission?

Once you submit code, you will immediately get an evaluation and score unless your code is flagged for manual evaluation. The process is below:

  • In case of manual evaluation, your code will be evaluated within 2-3 days.

  • You will get an email with your evaluation score.

  • To qualify for the interview, you need to get a score of at least 30.

  • If your score is < 30, you can improve your code and resubmit any number of times within the next 48 hours after your first evaluation.

  • Once your code is cleared, our Target team will be in touch with you to schedule interviews.

  • In the event that your profile is not a match for openings at Target, we will send you other companies that match your profile.

  • You can directly proceed to interviews with these companies.

What roles are Target hiring for?

You can see the openings and Job Descriptions here.

Is this for freshers?

The current openings at Target are for developers with 3+ years of experience.

However, we have other openings and events for freshers. You can sign up, update your profile and solve any one of our coding challenges. You can also check whether there is a Fresher Exclusive event currently running. Check the Events link on the website header menu.

Why should I take up this Geektrust challenge?

Solving this challenge gets you noticed by the tech team at Target and gets your profile fast tracked. You will have only 2 rounds of interviews if you solve the challenge, if you do not there is an added code pairing round in the interview. On other modes of applications, your resume might get lost within the thousands of applications that Target gets from various avenues. Code is the differentiator that makes your profile stand out.

Will Target give me another coding challenge after I get shortlisted?

No, you will not be given another code test or challenge by Target. In fact you reduce the number of rounds in the interview after you have submitted the challenge. 

What are the next steps and how soon can I expect the call/mail from Target, once I successfully submit the coding challenge?

If you have already cleared our coding challenge, we will be reaching out immediately to schedule interviews on 3rd September 2022. 

If you will be submitting your code in 7 days from your registration of the event, the interviews will be scheduled on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. Target will be completing all rounds of interviews and rolling out offers within a week. 

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May the clean code be with you!
Team Geektrust
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