FAQ on frontend code submissions

What parameters is my code evaluated on?

As of Nov 28 2023, all frontend submissions are evaluated for 6 badges, unlike the 11 badges that were applicable before.

The new badges are:

    1. Readability
    2. Modularity
    3. Extensibility 
    4. Correctness
    5. Mobile responsiveness
    6. Build

We have deprecated the following badges: Unit tests, HTML/CSS Semantics, Error Handling, Dependency Management and Logic.

How is my score calculated?

Readability, modularity and extensibility are advanced badges and together contribute to 60% of your score. Correctness and mobile responsiveness contribute to 30% of your score. Build contributes to 10% of your score.

How quickly can I get my score?

All frontend submissions (except react) are manually evaluated by the Geektrust League of Developers, and take 3-5 days. React submissions are evaluated by codu.ai, and are usually evaluated in 5-10 minutes. To learn more about submitting code in React, read this document.

Can I get feedback on my code?

Your code evaluation report will contain detailed feedback on what you did well and what needs improvement. For react submissions, you can even test your code before submitting to get access to feedback. To learn more about submitting code in React, read this document.

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